Težko pričakovana Rex Delta 9x19 končno na zalogi. V prodaji od ponedeljka 17.06.2019 dalje. Cena: 520 € Preveri zdaj!

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Docter V6

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    DOCTER V6 2.5-15x56


    The professional for difficult situations

    Noway for „noway“: This rifle scope proves its strengths even under difficult conditions — e.g. if the light conditions or long distances make a precise shot impossible. The 56-mm objective lens diameter guarantees even at largest magnification a sufficient image brightness and with the maximum15-fold magnification, you will not miss any detail even at along distance. A continuously adjustable parallax compensation ensures highest precision in case of large shoot distances..

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    DOCTER V6 2-12x50


    The allrounder

    This is how sovereignty feels: Easy to handle and lightweight on stalking and for a mountain hunt, fast for raised hide on wild boars at night. Our allrounder provides all properties hunters attach importance to — and as all DOCTER products, this rifle scope scores with brilliant optics and precisely worked mechanics.

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    DOCTER V6 1-6X24


    The driven hunt specialist

    The best of both worlds: This rifle scope unites a reflex sight and a rifle scope in one compact device. Thanks to the above-average zoom range, you are well prepared for mastering all driven hunt situations. The large fields of view in all magnification levels and absolute precision even at larger distances contribute to this as well.