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DDoptics Laser Range Finder 1200 PRO


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329,00 €

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Majhen ter lahek daljinomer za razdalje do 1200m.
teža: 155g
velikost: v:70mm š:33mm d:105mm
povečava: 6x

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The new range finder RF 1200 PRO by DDoptics has a new ergonomical design and better technical qualities. The LED display was completely redesigned. The data is now displayed with less blinding and centrally in red in the optics. With the new automatic brightness adjustment of the display this allows for better and blinding-free legibility of the data - even during the night.

Other than a better LED display there were also new modes added. In addition to the known modes - NORMAL MODE and FOG/RAIN MODE - there are now modes to calculate the ballistic trajectories, to find out the horizontal distance and the hight of objects and a better golf mode. The results can be displayed in meters or yards.

The weight is only slightly higher (155g) despite the new features and the size is only minimally bigger than the RF 1200 mini. Included in the delivery is a bag as well as a handheld strap with integrated battery compartment opener.

The range finder RF 1200 PRO has 6 modes selectable by pressing the button "MODE".
No extra symbol on the screen. It only displays a number which shows the distance to the object.
Keep pressing the button "MODE" and orientate the RF 1200 PRO to the flag or object. The RF 1200 PRO automatically identifies the differently coloured object and saves the distance on the display.
It measures the distance and the angle and then calculates the effective trajectory. This is a useful feature for sports shooters as well as for golfers and archers.
In this mode the horizontal distance to an object is displayed with the help of the angle, which is a feature useful for archers, for example.
In this mode the height of objects can be calculated. First measure the distance to the top part and the angle (press the MODE button once) and then target the lower part of the object (press "MODE" again). The display then shows the height of the object.
In this mode measurements for distances larger than 30m can be made during bad weather.