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Holster Ghost THE ONE IPSC Sport - RH za Rex Alpha


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Cena: 135,00 €

Akcija: 108,00 €

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Holster za pištolo Rex Alpha.

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The holster GHOST ONE EVO is back on the market; new design, new system to complete all the Ghost holsters for sport shooting. All shooters’ needs are full field with this new holster which is based on simplicity and security, presenting the shooters’ requests and their experience. The barrel support guarantees superior stability.

Use the white regulation screws to obtain the stability of the holstered gun. When the blocking system is in position A, it means that you can draw up the pistol with one simple movement FIRST IN UP (3mm) then up front; thanks to the system of SEMY SPHERE retention.
The weapon is completely blocked in the holster when the blocking system is in the position C or B, for activating it push the top and rotate it in up or in down.

When the blocking system is in position B it is possible to unblock it for retention check up.

For the best regulation of your holster insert the weapon in it, block the system in position C and position the barrel support with the regulation screws. You can REGULATE THE ANGLE of the pistol in the GHOST THE ONE with the screws to reach perfect hand position of it.


Fits REX Alpha.