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Night Vision Goggles PVS-7 GSCI


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NIGHT VISION GOGGLES PVS-7 GSCI. PVS-7 is the legendary, decades battle proven “single tube, dual eye” Night Vision Goggles-Binoculars.  Utilizing latest starlight technology its compact and ergonomic design includes Infrared Illuminator with incorporated “pull” IR switch which prevents accidental IR exposure.  IR Illuminator ON and low battery warning indicators are fiber-optically displayed within the user's field of view.  GSCI-PVS-7 kit includes: binoculars with the selected IIT installed, neck cord, shoulder strap, standard PVS-7 head gear with brow pads, 2 demist shields, 2 shielded rubber eyecups, carrying pouch, manual, and 7-Year Menufacturer’s Warranty. *Optionally PVS-7 may be supplied in "desert tan" color of the main body. Other options are listed below: · “Flip up” type Head Gear or Helmet Mount.   · 3X magnification “Snap-on/Screw-in”, quick attach afocal lens. · 5X magnification “Snap-on/Screw-in”, quick attach afocal lens. GSCI-PVS-7 Goggles can be equipped with vast variety of Image Intensifier Tubes (IIT), featuring Multi Alkali (Gen. 2+) or Gallium Arsenide (Gen. 3) photocathodes.  Tubes may be supplied in different grades: from economically priced and up to highest, technologically available performance. Available in Auto Gated, White Phosphor (black & white) and Manual Gain configurations. Available also Gen. 2 Image Intensifier Tubes in 25 mm format.  All GSCI Image Intensifier Tubes are featuring:

Resolution 57-73*

lp/mm SNR 20-30*

High Photoresponce*

Small Halo*

Auto Gated*

FOM: up to 2000

*with selected IIT