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PASSION 5X 3,5-18x56i


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Cena: 999,00 €

Akcija: 949,00 €

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Strelni daljnogled GPO (German Precision Optics) PASSION 5X 3,5-18x56i z izjemno svetlobno propustnostjo in kar 10 letno garancijo.

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Strelni daljnogled GPO PASSION 5x 3,5-18x56i je idealna izbira, ko gre za nočno čakanje divjih prašičev ali strele na največje razdalje.

  • *iControl™ Illumination Samodejno izključi osvetlitev, ko je elektronski modul stacioniran več kot 3 ure, poleg tega pa opozarja uporabnike, ko ima baterija samo 15% preostale energije (z doplačilom)



Magnification: 3,5 - 18x
Objective diameter (mm): 56 Effective diameter
Eye Relief (inches): 3,54 From the last optical surface
Eye Relief (mm): 90 From the last optical surface
cm travel value per click at 100m: 1 1 Click = x / 100m
Parallax compensation: sidefocus Parallax free at x distance
Transmission Daylight: 90% ISO 14490-5:2005
Tube diameter(mm): 30 Width of main tube
Reticle Option:G4i (German #4 illuminated)  

The iControl illumination assures users that they always have a live battery when most needed.
- Automatically powers down the illumination when the electronic module has been stationary
for more than 3 hours - Offers bright, fiber optic technology - Alerts users when the battery has
only 15% remaining battery life


GPObright is a proprietary coating process that maximizes light transmission through each surface
of an optical element. As light hits an optical surface, normal uncoated high-performance glass can
reflect up to 5% of that light, redirecting this light so it does not transmit through the optical system.
However, when these high-performance lenses are vacuum-coated with GPObright lens coatings,
up to 99.7% of the available light passes through each optical surface. Furthermore, when every
surface of the entire optical system is properly coated, total light transmission can reach up to more
than 92%, making the optical image of a GPO binocular or riflescope “bright,” even in the lowest light conditions.


A Double HD lens is the final product, created when multiple extra-low dispersion lenses are chemically
laminated to make a single, multilayer high-performance optical lens. Laminating multiple lenses minimizes
light reflection on the surface of multiple lenses, creates enhanced resolution and color contrast images, and
minimizes chromatic aberrations. This benefit is clearly visible with all GPO products supporting this feature.
This high-performance process is routinely found in the photographic market and with the highest quality
photographic lens manufacturers, but has now transitioned into premium sporting optics.