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Steiner Ranger 4-16x56 BC


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Cena: 1.299,00 €

Akcija: 1.169,00 €

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Ranger 4-16x56  je odličen strelni daljnogled z izjemno svetlobno propustnostjo in razponom povečave, kateri vam omogoča vse vrste lova z eno puško. Odličen tudi za strele na dolge razdalje - Ballistic Control (BC) 

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Serija strelnih daljnogledov Steiner Ranger ima izredno kratko, kompaktno in rubostno konstrukcijo in široko vidno polje. Stelni daljnogledi Steiner RANGER zagotavljajo visoko kontrastno optiko in so odlični pri šibki svetlobi, saj imajo kar 90% prepustnost svetlobe. Njihova lahka zasnova, odpornost na udarce in privlačen dizajn vam nudijo največ za njihov cenovni razred. 4x razmerje med najmanjšo in največjo povečavo,  omogoča lovcem širom sveta uporabo za vse vrste lova. Vsi daljnogledi Steiner Ranger imajo osvetljeno piko z 11 stopenj osvetlitve, 5x dnevna, 6x nočna z vmesno prekinitvijo med vsako stopnjo.

Širok. Svetel. Kratek.

Kompakten vsestranski daljnogled primeren za vsako puško, ter optično izredno zmogljiv

Ta izdelek ima 10-letno garancijo


STEINER High-Contrast-Optics

STEINER High-Contrast-Optics provides bright, brillant views, clear images, edge-to-edge sharpness and delivers also an excellent resolution of detail.

XL field of view

XL field of view and a safe eye distance of 9 cm for the utmost overview and saftey in any situation.

Ballistic Control

with turrets for elevation adjustment. Now during your most extreme adventure, even when the shot of a lifetime is more than 400 meters away, you can confidently make the shot.

Intuitive reticle illumination

Intuitive reticle illumination on the center tube provides maximum grip. Small, easy-to-use rotating knobs offer 6 nighttime and 5 daytime settings and an OFF position between each step. The battery compartment is integrated in the knob.

Reliable mechanics

Reliable mechanics provide accurate repetition and exact clicks. Precise diopter setting and non-slip, rubberized power ring.

Extreme Ruggedness

Extreme Ruggedness by highly resistant materials and precise, reliable construction give the riflescopes extreme shooting stability. Water Pressure Proofness up to 2 m even without cover caps on the turrets. Special sealing techniques make this possible. No dust, no dirt and no moisture can penetrate inside. Fogging or formation of condensation on the inside of the scope is completely eliminated by the STEINER Nitrogen-Pressure-Filling. Even temperature variations of -25 °C to +65 °C will not adversely affect the functionality and all moving parts can be operated.

Elegant, lightweight and short design

Elegant, lightweight and sleek design: one-piece tubes with matte, scratchproof hard anodized finish convince by a sleek middle part and soft intersections with smart radiuses. Small windage and elevation turrets.

4A-I-Reticle with red dot

4A-I-Reticle with red dot has three posts for quick, uncluttered target acquisition.


Scope of delivery consits of objective and ocular lens covers.

With the market introduction of our Steiner Ranger riflescope series we have set a new standard for high-quality rifle scopes: Wide. Bright. Short. All at a very affordable price.

Since its launch in 2015 the Steiner Rangers have become one of the most successful series in Europe.

As News we now offer the 3-12x56 and 4-16x56 models with Ballistic Control (BC) turrets for elevation adjustments.

The new Ranger BC will come with five different sets of caps that cover all major hunting bullets and calibers. According to the preferred hunting caliber the specific cap is mounted and will allow a precise elevation settings for a perfect shot.

The Steiner Ranger has always been the perfect companion for any hunting trip. Now during your most extreme adventure even when the shot of a lifetime is more than 400 meters away, you can confidently make the shot.

Get the new Ranger BC riflescope and make sure nothing escapes you.

This product comes with a 10 year warranty*

If you want to learn more about our warranty, please click here
* 2 Years on electronic parts.

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