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Blaser BD14


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Blaser BD14 Bockdrilling

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No matter what season, any hunting ground offers a wide field of possibilities. Whether on a high seat or stalking, you never know which game might suddenly appear. So it comes as no surprise that many hunters dream of a weapon suited for each and every opportunity. The new “Bockdrilling” is, put simply, an O/U Rifle-shotgun combination with a smaller caliber rifle-barrel on the side. This perfect tool for both high seat hunting and stalking has been designed making compromise a thing of the past: a unique combination of modern technology, ergo- nomically perfected stock and timeless, traditional elegance.

The brand new Blaser Vertical Block locking system is an absolute stunner which has been filed for patent. It combines an extremely compact and solid block lockup in a closed system within the monoblock with the comfortable handling of a classic break action rifle. The vertical lock makes sure that even tight fitting cartridges are reliably fed into the chamber. The locking block is easily and quickly detachable and can be stored separately, providing an additional plus in safety against unauthorized use of the gun. 

Manual cocking system

The manual cocking system provides the highest possible safety in handling a loaded weapon. The double lock permits a rapid second shot, should the need arise. The blind palable barrel selector, conveniently placed next to the top lever, allows the hunter to use the “Bockdrilling” either as an O/U Rifle-shotgun combination or as a combined rifle with two separate calibers. The front trigger always releases the large rifle-caliber. When operating the top lever in order to open the gun, both locks are automatically decocked. A trigger pull of app. 650 grams (1lb /7 oz) on both triggers and the excellent crisp characteristics are the essential prerequisite for accurate shooting.

Free floating barrels

Point of impact is maintained even in rapid fire and independent of which barrel is fired first. The small caliber barrel is positioned in a front hanger and a separate hanger below the forearm where also the height adjustment is performed. The lateral adjustment is realized via front hanger. All surfaces providing thermostability are hard chrome plated and hence well protected against corrosion. This method of barrel regulation is especially reliable and ensures the highest possible consistency. Unsurpassable for constant groupings.